established in 1895

The cannery began in 1895, when many small factories were established throughout the midwest. the first building was built in 1895 by roger b. dickinson and operated by his sons. in 1902 dickinson and company experimented with a small pack of canned pumpkin. the resulting product was a success and in 1909 the company built an additional canning factory in Washington, Il and in 1925 they built another in morton, il. the town enjoyed the pride built out of this small factory and celebrated its title as the pumpkin capital of the world for several years. the company and pumpkin canning process was bought by libby, mc neil, libby and this was the start of the traditional thanksgiving favorite, libby's canned pumpkin Pie. In november of 1960, libby's closed the eureka plant and moved the work solely to the morton location. the building then sat and fell into disrepair.


reborn in 2017


in 2015, local residents, business owners, and dreamers, brandon and amy knapp purchased the property. wanting to bring life back to the old building that had once provided employment and pride to their town, they began restoring the space. with a nod to the past, they kept the structure as true to its era as possible while looking to the future they added many modern amenities. today, a walk through the building gives you the sense of history in the aged brick and beams and fulfillment as they open the doors again. this time, not to workers who have a job to do to provide for their families and town, but to families, friends and loved ones who come to celebrate their love... their milestones... their futures.